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Canoeing or Kayaking
With Return Shuttle by Jet Boat (JC0)

The Big Picture

Your personalized canoeing adventure will start and end at the Tag-A-Long office in Moab, Utah. We will transport you, your personal gear, canoes, kayaks or rafts to and from the office using our shuttle vehicles and trailers. Your private canoeing expedition can last anywhere from three days to longer depending on the launch site you choose. For a full list of boat launching sites and a chart of mileage, please see our Canoeing / Kayaking with Return Shuttle by Jet Boat - Itinerary page.

Your Skill Requirements: This backcountry expedition requires some outdoor skills that are essential on a self guided trip; camping basics, map reading, boat maneuvering, meal planning, and an understanding of the rules and regulations. Below are some excellent resources.

Rules and Regulations
Equipment (Vessels, Toilets, Fire Pans)
Other Important Information (Campsites, Garbage, Drinking Water, Weather Tips, Emergencies, Maps & Books)

Rules and Regulations


Paddling on the Green River or the Colorado River requires a permit. You must obtain the permit(s) at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Follow these links for permit information:

National Park Service (required for any trip entering Canyonlands)
BLM Permit (required if starting at Green River State Park or Ruby Ranch)
Utah State Boating Laws (rules apply to any waterway in Utah)

Backcountry Rules

Tag-A-Long Expeditions has adopted the Leave No Trace ethic to keep these areas wild and scenic for future visitors. Basically it means to leave everything as it was when you found it. We offer the following link so you may do otherwise: Leave No Trace.

No pets are allowed in the Park.

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Please see our Rates & Dates page for details on all rental equipment we have available.


We do not charge additional to transport your own canoe or kayak; However, we do charge additional for rafts. We also rent canoes and tourking kayaks equipped with paddles, lifejackets, throwable safety devises (where required) and bailing buckets. See our Rates & Dates page for more information.

Helpful Hint: A large car wash sponge helps keep your vessel clean during the trip.

Toilet Systems

Your toilet system should be designed to empty into a sewer system in the same way that recreational vehicles discard refuse. Pack your toilet so it is readily available for day use as well as campsite use. Soiled feminine hygiene products should be stored in a zip-lock bag and carried out in your garbage.

We have toilet systems available for rent if you do not have one. Our toilets are custom made for durability, ease of use and comfort. A real toilet seat attaches for camp use! The seat is removed and a separate lid seals the container for transportation. We clean the toilet after your trip. Toilet paper is not included in our rental.

Fire Pans

A fire pan is required in Canyonlands National Park and the surrounding BLM lands regardless of whether or not you plan on having a fire while camping on the river. Bring your own wood or collect driftwood or down and dead tamarisk. The ash of a fire is deposed of with your trash. We have fire pans available for rent.

Helpful Hint: Sprinkle a couple of cup fulls of water in your fire pan to cool ashes in the evening and put everything in with your trash the morning before you depart your beach.

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Other Important Information


There are no designated campsites along the Green and Colorado rivers. In order to minimize environmental impacts, we strongly recommend sandbar camping when water level permits. Sanbars are washed over each spring during high water and mitigates impact. But use caution! Water levels can rise at a moment's notice, so try to find a campsite with a higher bank. Tie off your boat before you go exploring, even if only for a minute. Pull it up out of the water if possible, but still tie it off.

Helpful Hint: Strong winds can blow vessels back into the water if they are not tied up.



Helpful Hint: Canned drinks can be crushed after consumption to save space in your garbage or recycle container.

Drinking Water

We recommend a gallon of water per person per day. If your original supply of drinking water runs out, you may collect water from the center of the main channel of the river and allow it to settle overnight. Two teaspoons of Aluminum Sulfate Powder or "alum" in five gallons of water, may expedite settling river water. You should find it at a pharmacy or spice rack. Treatment for killing or removing disease-causing organisms: boil river water for ten minutes, plus one minute for every 1,000 ft elevation (Green River is at 4300' or so) or utilize mechanical filtration plus chemical disinfection. You might want to use settled river water for cooking, coffee or other hot beverages. Bring powdered drink mix or juice concentrates to mask the taste of chemically treated water. Reserve your containers of fresh water for hiking.

Helpful Hint: Use river water for washing dishes and cleaning. Disinfect with bleach. Save fresh water for drinking.

Weather Tips

This area has very accommodating weather most of the time. However, it does have some extremes to be concerned about.

Cold Weather:
Temperatures March to early April and late September to October average lows of 35-45 F. When the sun is out it is glorious. Keep feet and hands dry. Tents add warmth to sleeping arrangements. Insulated footwear for in camp will add to your comfort, but may be too warm to hike in. Tall rubber boots (ditch boots) help with muddy banks and keeping feet dry while doing camp chores. Expect morning frost. Consider sleeping with your personal water bottle as it may freeze if left out.

Hot Weather:
Pack additional drinking water for July and August. Snack on fruits to naturally hydrate your body. Sun protection is necessary - hats, sunglasses, sun cream, light weight long sleeve shirts and pants. Even the consideration of light gloves help protect from the sun. Always wear shoes to avoid burning your feet on hot sand or rocks. Metal parts of your vessel or camp equipment can burn your hand.


Hospitals are not immediately available to you in this wilderness area. In an emergency, you may signal aircraft with a small signal mirror or lay out a large "X" pattern on a surface which is visible to the sky. Cell phone service is generally unavailable. Stellite phones are better. Assess your situation carefully. The cost for evacuation from wilderness areas is expensive!

Books & Maps

You may purchase river maps through Tag-A-Long Expeditions prior to your journey.

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