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Canoeing or Kayaking
With Return Shuttle by Jet Boat (JC0)

Mileage Schedule
Boat Ramp Information
The Jetboat Pick-Up

General Information

Chose to meet at our office at 8:00am MT or 2:00pm MT to begin loading your gear. Loading should be complete withing one hour from the time of your arrival. The drive to any of the Green River boat ramps will take approximately one hour. The drive to either of the Colorado River boat ramps take less than 30 minutes.

On the last day of your trip, you will be picked up by a Tag-A-Long jet boat between the Confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers and Spanish Bottom at 1:00pm MT. Your vessles and equipment will be loaded onto the jet boat and you can enjoy a leisure ride upstream in comfortable style. The jet boat, still with gear inside, is trailered from the Potash Boat Ramp back to the Tag-A-Long office in Moab, Utah. Plan on arriving back to Moab around 5:00pm MT.

Mileage Schedule

Use the mileage schedule below to plan your self designed Green River or Colorado River canoe, kayak or raft trip. 15 to 20 miles per day is the average distance made in a canoe in about 6 hours of leisure paddling. Water levels and weather can have an effect on the actual distance made each day. Add enough time for hiking and exploring.

Helpful Hint: In warmer weather an upstrem wind is common. This generally occurs in the afternoon so break camp early and get on your way.

Canoeing Map

Green River Boat Launch Areas

Green River State Park – Confluence 120 miles / 7-10 days
Ruby Ranch – Confluence 97 miles / 5-8 days
Mineral Bottom – Confluence
52 miles / 3-6 days

Colorado River Boat Launch Areas

Moab Dock – Confluence 64 miles / 3-6 days
Potash – Confluence 47 miles / 3-6 days

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Boat Ramp Information

Green River State Park Ramp
The road is paved all the way to this put-in. There is an entrance fee of $5.00 per person for day use. If you camp overnight, additional fees apply. Warning: Very shallow at lower water levels 1700 cfs - 2000 cfs at the Highway bridge crossing of the Green River. Check water flow.

Ruby Ranch Ramp
The road is paved for the first 30 minutes, then turns to backcountry dirt roads. Ruby Ranch is private property and the owners charge a fee of $10.00 per boat and $5.00 per person.

Mineral Bottom Ramp
The road is paved for the first 30 minutes, then turns to backcountry dirt roads. The last few miles the road becomes steep and narrow as it drops into the river canyon. The road becomes impassable during rain. No put in fee.

Moab Boat Ramp
The road is paved. The ramp is located less than 2 miles from Moab, Utah.

Potash Ramp
The road is paved. The ramp is located 17 miles from Moab, Utah.

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The Jetboat Pick-Up

The Tag-A-Long jetboat will locate you on a beach between the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers and Spanish Bottom. Be prepared to pass your bundled equipment onto the jetboat at the designated pick up time. Remove all gear from your vessel. Vessels will be loaded onto the jetboat top rack for transport back to Moab. Our Jetboat needs at least 5 feet of depth, 5 feet out to access the shore.

The Confluence and Spanish Bottom
Below the confluence the Colorado River can change personality. At this point, lifejackets are required for EVERYONE. There are eddies during various water levels. Also be prepared for a more powerful current. Four miles beyond the Confluence the rapids of Cataract Canyon begin. DO NOT ENTER THE RAPIDS.

Try this itinerary – Self Guided Canoe / Kayak with Guided Cataract Canyon (SC3). Incorporate the self-guided canoe trip with the guided raft trip in Cataract Canyon. Call office staff for details.

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