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La Sal Mountain Nordic Skiing & Hut Rentals   (WI0)
Trail System

The ski routes in the La Sal Mountains are ungroomed and unmarked except for the hut-to-hut routes. These trails are packed on a fairly regular basis and marked with blue tipped markers. USGS Quad maps: Mount Waas, Mount Peale, Mount Tukuhnikivatz.

Geyser Pass Parking Lot to Tomasaki Hut

Distance: 3.5 miles from parking lot to the pass with a 1,000 foot climb. From the pass, it is 2 more miles to Tomasaki Hut sloping 406 ft in elevation with rolling terrain. Average skiing time: 3 hours. Expansive meadows surround this hut. Perfect for touring. Particularly inviting when your party has mixed levels of ability.

Tomasaki Hut to Dark Canyon Hut

Distance: 5.5 miles with mostly gentle up and down terrain. Average skiing time is approximately 3.5 hours.

Beaver Lake (La Sal Pass) Parking Lot to Beaver Lake Hut

Distance: 7 miles. The first two miles are moderate up and down terrain. The next five are generally uphill with an elevation rise of 2223 feet. Average skiing time is 5 hours. Nestled in a cirque, the high horizons beckon to intermediate and advance skiers.

The Huts

Tag-A-Long Expeditions uses two huts in the Nordic ski system. While all of the huts have similar furnishings and equipment, they are not identical. They are generally comprised of a kitchen/dining area and a sleeping room that is in a bunkhouse-type arrangement for up to ten individuals. The toilet facilities are outside the hut and are wilderness outhouses. The huts are equipped with tables and chair, beds with mattresses or pads, a stove for heat and cooking, gas lights, cooking equipment such as pots, pans and utensils. Tag-A-Long will provide you with a suggested packing list at the time you make your reservations. It is important to honor the NO PET rule. Because of the remote nature of the huts there is no maid services. Visitors have increasing difficulties with environmental allergies including pet dander, so help us minimize this aspect and abide by the NO PET rule. Thank you in advance.

Rental Gear

In Moab, Rim Cyclery rents cross-country or telemark ski equipment and snow shoes. Call 435-259-5333. Gearheads rents snowshoes and has a bounty of accessories for sale in a pinch. Call 435-259-4327. Look at this link for a general gear check list for using Moab hut.

A Word About Avalanches

The La Sal Mountains have both cross country skiing and telemark skiing terrain. The avalanche potential is dangerous and critical when leaving the hut to hut routes. This is high backcountry terrain. Beware of potential avalanche hazards. Avoid slopes of more than 30 degrees unless you are thoroughly familiar with route finding techniques and current conditions.

Before you leave, call (435) 259-7669 (259-SNOW) for current for avalanche conditions, snow report and mountain forecasts. You may also look at Utah avalanche information. Compare with Colorado.

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