Tag-A-Long Expeditions–River Cruise through Canyonlands National Park

Green river rafting

Imagine yourself floating down the legendary Colorado River. A shade canopy and breeze keeps you cool in spite of desert heat. You are surrounded by red sandstone cliffs on either side of the river. Occasionally, a blue heron rises in slow motion from the water, searching for today's catch. You don't have a care in the world other than enjoying the beautiful world around you because you are in the company of Tag-A-Long Expeditions traveling in a sturdy river boat, the Colorado Explorer. These boats are designed for people who want to tour the river on calm water, not get wet, remain comfortable, but see all there is to see of Canyonlands National Park from the perspective of a voyage down the river. We promise a safe, dry, comfortable, cool, scenic ride on one of America's great rivers. Family vacations to include toddlers and serve seniors.

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Jetboat Trips – Calm Water Colorado

Canyonland Jet Boat and 4WD Combo (HJ0 and HI0)
This mini-expedition, exclusive to Tag-A-Long, introduces you to one of America's last wild regions. This classic combo of a calm-water excursion and a 4X4 adventure into the real Canyonlands National Park is perfect for the traveler accustomed to motor coach travel or people looking for something a little less than gonzo! You'll stay dry and comfortable all day! It is a great companion trip to a visit to Arches National Park for a day on your own.

Canyonlands Jetboat/Arches Combo (HJ0 and HA0)
Four hour interpretative tour of the windows section of Arches National Park and a four hour tour of the calm waters of the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park. You'll stay dry and comfortable all day!

Jetboat and Raft the Colorado River (HJ0 and HR0)
Enjoy the motorized "come-as-you-are" boat trip downstream of Moab toward Canyonlands and the Colorado River rafting (non-motorized, your feet do get wet) upstream of Moab through Professor Valley for the Scenic Splash.

Canyonlands Wilderness Cruise (HJO)
Explore the real canyonlands on the calm waters of the Colorado River. The only way you'll see the places we take you is by boat! Leave car-bound tourists behind on our relaxing, calm-water excursions down the river. A journey in our large, stable jetboat will satisfy the hidden explorer in you! Spend half a day on the river with us and half a day in Arches National Park on your own.

Canoe or Kayak, With Return Shuttle (JC0)
Are you a free spirit? Do you paddle to the beat of a different current? For you free-thinkers who want to organize your own trips and float in your own paradise without strangers as company, Tag-A-Long Expeditions offers shuttles to the river launch site on the Green River or Colorado River and canoe pick up at the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers or Spanish Bottom. If you like camping, this will top your family vacations.

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