Tag-a-long Expeditions- 4-wheel drive excursions in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

CJ5 land tour

Tag-A-Long guided tours mimic a pilgrimage during which travelers come to know themselves through knowing a landscape. These Jeep expeditions offer an opportunity to access places of solitude and serenity and allow time to study the wilderness in all its minutia. Use time to watch the beetle crawl across the sand or to meditate with lizards. Use time to stop and feel your place in the universe, whether standing before a vast panorama of canyons, or listening to public lands topics and natural history, your heart will ache.

Tag-A-Long Expeditions has a handful of hiking possibilities. We keep in mind soaring temperatures of mid-summer and may modify walk lengths to suit the conditions.

Tag-A-Long Expeditions diverse land excursions deliver you to some of America's last wild treasures. Select your treasure...

Tag-A-Long Expeditions Day Safaris

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Guided Tours Day Jeep Safaris

Canyonlands Adventure (HIO)
Leave your vehicle behind and climb aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned Jeep with Tag-A-Long guides to see some of the wild backcountry that Canyonlands National park is so famous for.

Arches National Park: Off the Beaten Path (HAO)
Enjoy a guided loop mixing up back roads with the pavement accessing Arches National Park. Interpretive presentation complements the sightseeing in this extraordinary park.

Two Parks ONE DAY Off the Beaten Path (HA0 and HI0)
Combine the two half-day off road programs above (HI0 and HA0) and include lunch for a great experience of both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Consider seeing Canyonlands by river instead of Jeep. (HJ0 and HA0 bottom). Interpretation presentation emphasis.

Canyonland Jet Boat and 4WD Combo (HJ0 and HI0)
This guided tour, exclusive to Tag-A-Long, introduces you to one of America's last wild regions. This classic combo of a calm water boat excursion and a Jeep adventure into the real Canyonlands is perfect for the traveler accustomed to motor coach travel or people looking for something a little less than gonzo! You'll stay dry and comfortable all day!

Colorado River Splash & Canyonlands Jeep Tour (HR0 and HI0)
Is your heart set on experiencing both rapids and red rock while in canyon country? The drive into Canyonlands gives you a BIG taste of what it's like off the beaten path. The rafting trip introduces you to a couple of whitewater rapids while touring some of America's most awe-inspiring scenery.

Colorado River Splash & Arches Jeep Tour (HR0 and HA0)
Is your heart set on experiencing both rapids and sightseeing in Arches? Cool months hike Park Avenue. See Balanced Rock, one of three major icons in Arches. Off the beaten path in Arches is our shortest 4x4 stretch. The rafting trip introduces you to a few rapids on the Colorado River.

Canyonland Jet Boat/Arches Jeep Combo (HJ0 and HA0)
Another Tag-A-Long exclusive, four hour interpretative 4x4 tour of the windows section of Arches National Park and a four hour boat tour of the calm waters of the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park. You'll stay dry and comfortable all day!

Hiking National Parks of Moab Utah

Arches National Park: Roads less Traveled (AD0)
If you have an interest to get off road into Arches National Park, this guided tours for you. Short stops on the pavement enable progress to the hinterland of the Klondike Bluffs and Tower Arch

Horseshoe Canyon Barrier Style Art (HS0)
Of all the guided tours this one satisfies a passion to get far out in the backcountry of Canyonlands National Park. It is a long day that we charter to enable a view of some of Utah's oldest rock art. Classic four wheeling and an 8 mile hike access this annex of Canyonlands.

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